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About Us 

Established at 2010, we do believe that babies are the future and offering the baby products for parents to have a better life quality and better bonding with the children are our visions. The way baby is raised in the early years impacts an imprint on what people they will become. 

Our purpose is that every CuddleMe product that we create : 

  •  to be able to create a safe, comfort, creative and innovative products for parents to help them raising their child 
  • to be able to make parent's life easier and more fun in raising their child 
  • to develop useful baby products for a better generation 
  • to promote better bonding between parents and their children 

CuddleMe Productions

A well-designed baby products promotes happier and more fun parenthood life. Also promotes a better baby development and baby's well sleep experience. When designing the product, particular attention was paid to the design details and materials used for the products. Our production team is consisted of well trained tailors dedicated their skills to create highest quality of baby products for you. We make all the efforts that the baby and parent feel comfortable and relaxed during the usage so that they can focus on the happy parent-baby bonding experience.