A well designed Baby Soft Structured Carrier (SSC). Ensure its lightweight(less than 500grams) and its comfortness. Promotes healthy baby's spine development with M-shape and C-shape curve. made of 100% soft cotton canvas


A well designed all-in-one pad for your stroller, carseat, bouncher, swing etc. Promotes complete support for head and body. Extra protection for your baby's head and body. Will not interfere harness system at your stroller, carseat, bouncher or swing. 

Nursing Cape 


A well designed nursing cover that protects you 360 degree area of sight. Cover you during breastfeeding or pumping time. Sleek and elegant design with round collar neck.

Fitted Booties 


A well designed booties combines shoes and shocks functionality. fit to baby's ankle so won't take off. No more loose shock or shoes tragedy. soft and squishy materials for your soft and cute baby's tiny feet.

Floating Swimsuit FloSwim

New innovation from CuddleMe. FLOSWIM, the first floating swimsuit in Indonesia. No more worry when your children are swimming.  With special design, not bulky and flexible with your children body shape, will make will protect your children from.unwanted incident inside the water with its unique floating foam at neck and around children's upper body


A well designed handy pad to bring anywhere to go. Special soft fabric material that won't make any squeeky sounds during usage. its waterproof yet so comfy with soft fabric surface. size 70x100 cm  

Adjustable Training Pants

A well designed waterproof training pants with double absorbent cotton fleece layer to ensure no more unwanted accident. Its adjustable waist support baby's development and also stretchable in tight. Soft cotton towel terry materials


A well designed baby sling promotes healthy baby spine with M-shape and C-shape during babywearing with your baby. Its material is super breatheabilty, silky and easy to dry, very suitable for tropical climate


A well designed instant baby wrap, very suitable for babywearing in easier way. easy to adjust, easy to wear and easy to take off. A choice for the babywrapper. its material is soft, stretchable and plush, ensure its comfortness


A well designed Boneka, Bantal, Selimut, abbreviated as Bo-Ba-Limut. Cute and super soft micropolar fleece material. it is safe to use since soft fiber won't be inhaled by baby

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Products Range

Kami percaya setiap fase hidup membutuhkan tipe produk yang berbeda. Itulah kenapa CuddleMe menciptakan produk yang berbeda untuk kebutuhan berbeda bagi orangtua dan anak

We understand every phase of life need different type of product. That's why CuddleMe creates different product for different need for parents and children.

<p>Baby Essentials&nbsp;</p>

Baby Essentials 

Produk CuddleMe untuk bayi. Terdiri dari Bedong Instant Hybrid Swaddlepod, sepatu Fitted booties, jaket Babycape, alas Seatpad, handuk Smarttowel, dan selimut Bobalimut. 

 CuddleMe Products for babies. It is consisted of Hybrid Swaddlepod, Fitted booties, Babycape, Seatpad, Smarttowel, Bobalimut.ct



Produk CuddleMe untuk menggendong. Terdiri dari SSC LiteCarrier, BabyWrap Instant EasyWrap dan AirSling 

 CuddleMe Products for Baby Wearing. It is consisted of LiteCarrier, EasyWrap and AirSling 

<p>Toilet/Potty Training</p>

Toilet/Potty Training

Produk CuddleMe untuk kebutuhan latihan pipis. Terdiri dari perlak Drypad dan celana latihan pipis Adjustable Training Pants

CuddleMe Products for Toilet or Potty Training Needs. It is Consisted of Drypad and Adjustable Training Pants 

<p>Breastfeeding Essentials&nbsp;</p>

Breastfeeding Essentials 

Produk CuddleMe untuk kebutuhan menyusui. Terdiri dari bantal menyusui yang bisa dilipat dan Cape menyusui

 CuddleMe Products for Breastfeeding needs. It is consisted of Foldable Nursing Pillow and Nursing cape

<p>Toddlers Need</p>

Toddlers Need

Produk CuddleMe untuk balita keatas. Terdiri dari baju renang anak apung GOSwim, jas hujan dan jaket Duffle Cape

 CuddleMe Products for Toddlers need. It is consisted of Floating Swimsuit GoSwim, Raincoat and Duffle Cape  

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